Mike N.

It all started with chest pain while cutting the lawn. Shortly after a visit to a cardiologist and an angiogram. I had 3 stents placed in blocked arteries in my heart. A week later I was golfing and shortly after that I started the rehab program on line. Both regular exercise and diet were recommended by two wonderful people Barb and Valarie.

Gary S.

The GetHeartHealthy program has changed me from a “house to the car, car to the house” walker to walking approx 7 kms in just over an hour. My rehab therapist gave me the knowledge and encouragement after my August 2021 heart attack and triple bypass to start walking short distances and gradually increase pace and distance.

Shakeel S.

I am very big thankful to doctors and staff nurses who took care of myself during my surgery, and you till date. Very highly professional and loving ❤ staff. Thank you.

Peter V.

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I have a family history of heart disease. Both my father and grandfather  died of heart attacks. I have been active my whole life  and still run every day. I once ran for 10 000 straight days,(27 years). I had no symptoms but had a bypass in 2013. I had complications including Afib and pneumothorax which kept me in ICU during the big ice storm.


August 21 was the scariest day! I was having a heart attack at 47.! The first few weeks after we’re full of emotions and concerns. I was thankful to hear from my Cardiovascular Rehabilitation coach and Nutritionist. They guided me through my recovery and helped me understand small changes make a big difference! When I came home I couldn’t walk up my street,

Keemla N.

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I am Keemla N., joined the Cardiac Rehab Program almost six months ago on the recommendation of my cardiologist. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Cardiac Rehab Team for being outstanding, caring and knowledgeable professionals. My Cardiac Rehab Therapist, Sheri Whitestone, has empowered me to make exercise a priority. She regularly called to follow up on my progress and guided me to make use of the Cardiac App.

Gord R.

I now walk my old dog uphill without fear of exhaustion, my colour has improved, and the rehab program has helped in other ways. Understanding heart health issues around food, activity levels and lifestyle, plus attitude adjustments, all are part and parcel of my recovery. My cardiologist has noted the improvements and put a checkup six months
from now (October 2022).

Edward R.

After my cardiac valve replacement I went from barely climbing 5 steps to going up Casa Loma’s 104 steps to the top without stopping. My continual enjoyment of doing the Resistance Training and now doing the Yoga classes along with 150 minutes per week of healthy “brisk” walking has been incredibly rewarding. My wife ‘Gloria’ and I do the classes together and want to thank the whole gang at Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab.


I underwent cardiac surgery in September 2021 for a mechanical aortic valve replacement. The Rehab program has given me greater awareness of my heart health including key elements related to regular exercise & mindful eating.  The program has made a positive impact on my family too and all of us together are taking positive steps towards healthy heart living.

Christine W.

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Shout out to Scarbrough Health Network! One Love One Heart !! Getting on with maintaining my HEART 💓 My Exercise Therapist Nicki. Program Host ..Reyad and, Kristen Mini Talks and all the other wonderful speakers.

S -Sound Sleep

H- Healthy Habits

N- Nutrition and Diet

That’s precisely my journey and lifestyle changes.