Padma Gopinath

I joined theCardiac Rehab in June2020 after my heart echo read as abnormal. It was very inspirational to track my exercises on the app, follow up with Lara, exercise therapist,Mohan Singh, Nurse and Valerie, diet specialist. With all their advices and a solid internal will power, I followed a routine of healthy routine of exercising daily with good walks, jogs, hill climbs, trekking etc that keeps stretching the bars for me to go higher. I try and followed a Mediterranean diet.I have more work to do here. I try yoga, Zumba and meditation work outs fairly regularly too.I do have miles to go and more work to do but I feel like a better and healthier person after 6 months… Love to feel energetic and eager to continue feeling healthy. The educational sessions and website of Cardiac Rehab are phenomenal, providing wonderful hands-on tips and guidances. They are so helpful – My doctor labled me as Stable now and my next goal is to on ‘improved status’.We will need to be consistent – that’s all it takes to get healthy… 😊THANK YOU 💕to Cardiac Rehab! ☕️Thank you Lara, Mohan and Valerie. We should meet for a coffee…Best Wishes,Padma Gopinath