Padma Gopinath

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I joined theCardiac Rehab in June2020 after my heart echo read as abnormal. It was very inspirational to track my exercises on the app, follow up with Lara, exercise therapist,Mohan Singh, Nurse and Valerie, diet specialist. With all their advices and a solid internal will power, I followed a routine of healthy routine of exercising daily with good walks,


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After suffering severe chest pain for a lengthy time and doing multiple tests, my cardiologist recommended I have an angiogram done in the hospital, revealing multiple blocked arteries.  I did a quadruple bypass surgery and was referred to the virtual cardiac rehab program. I was afraid it would never work for me due to setbacks.

Krishna V

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I had a serious heart attack last year and when I was discharged from the hospital, I was very tired and anxious thinking about my future. But a month after the operation, a phone call came from the rehab center. I felt confident knowing I have that support. Working together every day on the rehab and food program was able to bring my physical and mental stamina back to the old level.

Jo-Ann S

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The Get Heart Healthy program is such a rewarding experience.

A great motivator, I feel more energized, I have a healthier attitude.  I continue with exercise and good eating habits. I am not as tired as I was in November.

The Online visits are filled with great knowledge of a healthy Heart. 

Bryan G

“I graduated from the cardio rehab exercise program on August 20th, 2020, but it wasn’t always that easy along the way, so, I came up with a 5 step strategy which helped me to finish.  MESSAGE, from my wife Lee, it’s only for your benefit. MOVE, from Kristen, my exercise theoropist, who introduced me to collateralization.

Danny C

My cardiac arrest happened while I was cycling north of Pickering. I was rescued by The fire Dept. , EMS and police and taken to Centenary Hospital. My by-pass operation in St Mike’s was nearly 9 years ago. I joined the rehab program about 3 months later and never regretted it. Within 9 months I was able to complete the 220km cancer ride to Niagara Falls.

Benny K

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I underwent triple bypass last June and joined the SHN cardiac rehab program a month after.

The program taught me the importance of exercising regularly and eating healthy.  Here I learned to eat smaller portions, drink more water instead of soda, snacking on unsalted nuts & dried cranberries instead of potato chips.


Amicoo J

I had my angiogram and also diagnosed of a valve related issue. The doctor’s have advised that I might have to undergo a valve transplant. Currently I have been advised to do the heart related exercises to keep all the symptoms under control. My Exercise Therapist from Rehab inquire and advises me on weekly basis,