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  1. Next Step Web-Portal: an exclusive section of our program website that is available to our graduates via unique login. You will have access to more education and exercise content.
  2. The Next Steps- Keep Informed E-newsletter: is a monthly or semi-monthly email keeping you up to date by providing the monthly live event calendar, highlighting special events, informing you of key additions or updates to the Next Steps Web- portal and more.
  3. The Next Steps-Alumni Support Group: Find yourself an accountability partner(s), communicate and share your successes and challenges with a supportive group. Keep up to date with the monthly Live Event schedule etc.
    The Next Steps Alumni Support Group uses the familiar platform of Facebook; a Facebook account and profile are required
  4. The Next Steps – Staying on Track: CURRENT or WILLING Cardiologica APP users have the opportunity to continue to submit your home exercise via Cardiologica APP for an exercise therapist to view. The aim is to provide ongoing support, motivation and accountability for program graduates with a stress on self-management and independence.

 A Transition Consent Form is required for the Exercise Tracking Service;  Click HERE to complete

As a graduate of the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab program you are entitled to any or all of the available services, provided you meet user criteria

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