Resistance Training – Giant Sets

Author Picture Advanced resistance training – Giant sets There are many ways to create a resistance training workout. The above video discusses and demonstrates an advanced resistance training style commonly referred to [...]

Selecting Footwear

Author Picture Why choose running shoes? Walking or running; running shoes have a variety of unique features that support the anatomy of your feet. These features can help prevent injuries. Common injuries [...]

Tool Box – Prioritization

Author Picture Efficiency vs. effectiveness Efficiency is the ability to do things well in a timely manner, while effectiveness is the ability to do the ‘right’ things well. Prioritizing the “right” things [...]

Moving Forward – Community Partners

Author Picture Moving Forward into the community is a branch of services available to graduates of the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab program. These community-based services are offered independent of the Central [...]

Staying on Track

Author Picture Keeping a record of your regular exercise is a great way to track progress and keep accountable. The Cardiac rehab online exercise tracker is a web-based application that can be [...]

Tool Box- Action Plans

Author Picture What is an action plan? An action plan outlines the details, and acts as a framework for achieving your goals Action planning is an important tool for setting and achieving [...]

Lets Get Moving

Author Picture Physical activity vs. exercise Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement that requires energy. This includes things such as housework, shopping and gardening. Exercise is a type of physical [...]

Is HIIT Right for me?

Author Picture What is high intensity interval training (HIIT)? HIIT is an interval style workout and involves short bouts of hard exercise, at 85-95% of your maximum effort or RPE 15-17. Each [...]

Resistance Training – Body Weight

Author Picture General instructions Always complete a warmup and a cool down before and after resistance training. For the exercises in the video that require weight, you can use items around your [...]