What is Tabata

Author Picture Tabata – High intensity interval training Tabata is a type of high intensity interval training [HIIT] Shown to help improve fitness with shorter exercise duration Tabata – History Named after [...]

Tabata Core

Author Picture TABATA is a specific style of high intensity interval training [HIIT] Each TABATA consists of 8 cycles Each cycle includes 20 seconds of very hard exercise followed by 10 seconds [...]

Resistance Training- Basic Body Weight

Author Picture Resistance Training- Basic Body Weight You don’t need weights or bands to get a basic balance and resistance training workout This is a full body workout with exercises done standing [...]

Help to shape the Next Steps program

Author Picture Take this short (anonymous) 4 question survey and help guide the development of new exercise and educational content. Feel free to leave other comments and feedback here. The Next Steps [...]

Core Circuit- Abdominals

Author Picture Core Circuit - Abdominals This 6-minute circuit targets all of the muscles of the abdominals Muscles of the abdominal include: Transversus abdominis: the deepest of the abdominal muscles. Main role [...]

Floor Yoga Flow

Author Picture Floor Yoga Flow – 30 min General Instructions: Wear non-slip shoes (bare foot if comfortable and appropriate for you) Use yoga mat or towel if available Take breaks when needed [...]

Alumni Transition Consent Letter

Author Picture Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Date of Birth (required) Congratulations on completing The Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab Program. You have chosen to transition into our online Alumni Service. [...]


Author Picture Equilibrium and balance Equilibrium is defined as a state of physical balance Factors that effect equilibrium-non-modifiable Age Medical history Previous injury Factors that effect equilibrium-modifiable Managing medical conditions, the following [...]

Keep Informed

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