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Core Circuit- Abdominals

Core Circuit - Abdominals This 6-minute circuit targets all of the muscles of the abdominals Muscles of the abdominal include: Transversus abdominis: the deepest of the abdominal muscles. Main role [...]

Floor Yoga Flow

Floor Yoga Flow – 30 min General Instructions: Wear non-slip shoes (bare foot if comfortable and appropriate for you) Use yoga mat or towel if available Take breaks when needed [...]

Alumni Transition Consent Letter

Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Date of Birth (required) Congratulations on completing The Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab Program. You have chosen to transition into our online Alumni Service. [...]


Equilibrium and balance Equilibrium is defined as a state of physical balance Factors that effect equilibrium-non-modifiable Age Medical history Previous injury Factors that effect equilibrium-modifiable Managing medical conditions, the following [...]

Keep Informed

Stay up to date with the Next Steps Alumni services and Regional Cardiovascular Rehab program events and news. By signing up for Next Steps email updates you would be informed [...]

Resistance Training – Giant Sets

Advanced resistance training – Giant sets There are many ways to create a resistance training workout. The above video discusses and demonstrates an advanced resistance training style commonly referred to [...]

Selecting Footwear

Why choose running shoes? Walking or running; running shoes have a variety of unique features that support the anatomy of your feet. These features can help prevent injuries. Common injuries [...]

Tool Box – Prioritization

Efficiency vs. effectiveness Efficiency is the ability to do things well in a timely manner, while effectiveness is the ability to do the ‘right’ things well. Prioritizing the “right” things [...]

Moving Forward – Community Partners

Moving Forward into the community is a branch of services available to graduates of the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab program. These community-based services are offered independent of the Central [...]