Basic Balance Assessment

  • This session will take you through 4 basic balance tests:
    • Single leg stance (right)
    • Single leg stance (left)
    • Tandem stance (right)
    • Tandem stance (left)
  • This session is designed to discover your baseline balance. You are encouraged to come back to this assessment periodically to compare your results and see your progress.
  • NOTE: This is not a clinical balance assessment and should not replace the assessment/diagnosis/advice provided by a trained physiotherapist or other movement specialist.
  • What you will need:
    • a firm sturdy surface clear of clutter (hardwood, tile or laminate is preferred over carpet)
    • A sturdy balance support (countertop, sturdy chair, railing etc.)
    • A timing device; such as a stopwatch or smartphone
    • Something to record your results (paper & pen, note section in phone etc.)

Resistance training disclaimer

  • This is an unsupervised online exercise video. We advise all participants to review their current exercise/fitness level to determine if this session is appropriate for you.
  • If resistance training is new to you please discuss with your physician, prior to participating.
  • Do not start an exercise session if you are feeling unwell and discontinue exercise if symptoms arise. Symptoms may include but are not limited to; shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, light-headiness. If you develop worsening symptoms that are not relived by rest – seek medical attention.
  • Remember you are in control of your own workout. Exercise at your own level/pace.
  • Please complete a 3-5 minutes warm up prior to starting this exercise routine.

So Let’s Start Training…