Jo-Ann S

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The Get Heart Healthy program is such a rewarding experience.

A great motivator, I feel more energized, I have a healthier attitude.  I continue with exercise and good eating habits. I am not as tired as I was in November.

The Online visits are filled with great knowledge of a healthy Heart. 

Jacqueline L

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At 11 AM on July 19, 2019 I had a massive heart attack at my desk at work in Pickering. Thankfully and very gratefully I was rushed to SHN Centenary hospital’s Cardiac Care unit and immediately had a stent put in. After a few days I was sent home and began my heart healthy lifestyle thanks to the Dr’s,

Bryan G

“I graduated from the cardio rehab exercise program on August 20th, 2020, but it wasn’t always that easy along the way, so, I came up with a 5 step strategy which helped me to finish.  MESSAGE, from my wife Lee, it’s only for your benefit. MOVE, from Kristen, my exercise theoropist, who introduced me to collateralization.

Danny C

My cardiac arrest happened while I was cycling north of Pickering. I was rescued by The fire Dept. , EMS and police and taken to Centenary Hospital. My by-pass operation in St Mike’s was nearly 9 years ago. I joined the rehab program about 3 months later and never regretted it. Within 9 months I was able to complete the 220km cancer ride to Niagara Falls.

Benny K

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I underwent triple bypass last June and joined the SHN cardiac rehab program a month after.

The program taught me the importance of exercising regularly and eating healthy.  Here I learned to eat smaller portions, drink more water instead of soda, snacking on unsalted nuts & dried cranberries instead of potato chips.


Amicoo J

I had my angiogram and also diagnosed of a valve related issue. The doctor’s have advised that I might have to undergo a valve transplant. Currently I have been advised to do the heart related exercises to keep all the symptoms under control. My Exercise Therapist from Rehab inquire and advises me on weekly basis,