Alumni Transition Consent Letter

    Congratulations on completing The Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab Program.
    You have chosen to transition into our online Alumni Service. You are welcome and encouraged to continue to submit your weekly exercise reports through the Cardiologica App. Information will be collected strictly for exercise guidance, aggerate program reporting and program analysis. Aggerate data reported will be used for future research and to guide best practice and program improvement, and will not disclose your identity.
    Please be advised that your weekly exercise submissions will be monitored by an exercise therapist periodically, but you will not be assigned a specific exercise therapist case manager. You can expect to receive basic support, motivation and guidance from our Alumni Service Team.
    It is understood that you will follow the safe exercise guidelines that you learned in the Rehab program, and will exercise unsupervised at your own risk.
    Communication will be through email and or the Cardiologica APP messaging function. Occasional telephone communication may also occur. Please contact central booking at 416-281-7022 or 1-855-448-5471 if you wish to opt out of email or telephone communication.
    You are also encouraged to participate in any of our Web or Community based Alumni offerings/resources as appropriate.

    By joining this service you agree to the above terms.